nanoScaffold Technologies can help you innovate in these areas:  
  Environmental control and purifications  
  Life sciences  
  Performance materials  

nanoScaffold Technologies is a consulting firm dedicated to accelerating the development, implementation, and commercialization of nanofiber technology and products for academic and industrial clients.

Tremendous advances in the design and the fabrication of nanoscaffolds, and in nanofiber technology in particular, have been made in the past decade. Nevertheless, exploiting this technology in a commercially viable way has proven to be less than trivial. To overcome this challenge our clients capitalize on the company's strong technological and market expertise, as well as a variety of services and products that are designed to help capture and leverage  the competitive advantages of nanofiber technology.

A nanoscaffold is a three-dimensional structure with nanometer (10-9 m) scale features that imparts unique physical and performance characteristics at the macroscopic level. Nanoscaffolds can be fabricated using electrospun polymeric nanofibers, which is arguably the most versatile and fastest growing methodology.

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